2457 Kryptoměny
Celková tržní cena Kč419,106,158,454,376,896
Celkový Objem 24h Kč11,774,698,154

Podíl na trhu kryptoměn 0.00%
otevřeno 0.25
Nízký 0.25
Vysoký 0.25
Aktuální Dodávka 100,000,000 PUT*
Celkem Dodávka 100,000,000 PUT*
Tržní kapitalizace 25,284,517
24h Objem (coin) 0 PUT*
24h Objem (currency) 0
Poslední aktualizace 2019-05-21 16:56:04

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Robin8 Profile Utility Token
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Robin8 Profile Utility Token


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  • Why use coins rating system?
    Working with cryptocurrencies is mostly unpredictable, risky and uncertain. While this new market is emerging, tens of new coins just like Robin8 Profile Utility Token are showing up to compete for a share every single day, thus making it harder for cryptocurrency investors, traders and buyers to spot opportunities or even protect their capital. We provide different crypto market tools to help anyone in this uncertain environment, but we find the rating system very important for all crypto users as the human race learning process was developed through out the years using other people experiences' as well as other sources.
  • Why voting?
    Help others benefit from your knowledge and experience in Robin8 Profile Utility Token, others will help you in other coins.
  • Who needs this system?
    In addition to Robin8 Profile Utility Token investors, traders and buyers as we said before, anyone who deals with crypto coins can use it, for instance technical analysts, economists, coin miners, coins users, cryptocurrency coders, security assurance people, writers, bloggers, vloggers, websites, community members, etc...
  • Can i share this data?
    Absolutely! Feel free to use all Robin8 Profile Utility Token data online or offline as you see fit. We kindly ask and trust you will credit us as a source.
  • How to use the system?
    Well it's simple, rate the aspects related to Robin8 Profile Utility Token that you have experience in, you might rate all aspects, it depends on the person knowledge in a particular cryptocurrency (in this case Robin8 Profile Utility Token). You also might only need the data and don't have the required information to rate, its totally up to you.
  • Can i change my votes?
    Sure, you can change your votes within 14 days of your vote date, that won't count as a new vote.
  • Can i revote?
    Ya sure, as we all know the human learning process and experience would change the way he/she looks at things, also the crypto currency market is a fast paced market and cryptocurrencies are appearing, growing and changing rapidly, to monitor coins changes properly we allow you to vote again (same coin and subcategory) after 14 days of your first vote date, and it would count for a new vote, so you can come back every two weeks or month and let's know how you experienced Robin8 Profile Utility Token lately.
  • What coins rating categories mean?
    We have classified important aspects into five main categories to make things easier for you:

    • Cryptocurrency Technical Analysis: Using different methods in analyzing the moving of prices in charts to determine trends and speculate future movements.
    • Cryptocurrency Accessibility :The ease of reach to cryptocurrencies indicated by its popularity, online and offline community, ability to mine or purchase.
    • Cryptocurrency Coding & Security: The quality of a cryptocurrency code which can be determined through its developers activity, code updates and structure, the code documentation and security aspects.
    • Storing Cryptocurrency: Simply, how easy its to store this coin? are there enough physical wallets (like printing and hardware) and digital wallets (like apps and websites) to store your owned coins?
    • Cryptocurrency Investment: Potential of profitability in long-term and short-term timeframe investments in cryptocurrencies, the quality and diversification it adds to an investing portfolio, and its predictability which means the volatility of a coin.

    • We appreciate receiving your feedback, if you have any ideas for new categories, subitems or any other ideas please contact us anytime.

Domovská Stránka Crypto informace o měnovém trhu a analýza
Robin8 Profile Utility Token Robin8 Profile Utility Token (PUT*) informace o trhu, jako jsou interaktivní cenové grafy, ukazatele, svazky, citace, zprávy a další
Robin8 Profile Utility Token Obchodní indikátory Robin8 Profile Utility Token (PUT*) podíl na trhu, ceny OLH, aktuální a celkové dodávky, omezení na trhu, objemy a další
Robin8 Profile Utility Token Historický vývoj ceny Zkontrolujte a stáhněte Robin8 Profile Utility Token (PUT*) historických cen a objemů
Robin8 Profile Utility Token Sociální Insights Přečtěte si, o čem lidé říkají Robin8 Profile Utility Token crypocurrency v Twitter, Facebook, Instagram a Pinterest
Robin8 Profile Utility Token Novinky Přečtěte si nejnovější Robin8 Profile Utility Token (PUT*) zprávy a informace, najít příběhy a aktualizace
Robin8 Profile Utility Token Schéma Robin8 Profile Utility Token (PUT*) interaktivní grafy cen a objemů, můžete volně stahovat nebo extrahovat údaje o trhu
Robin8 Profile Utility Token Informace Fakta, o kterých jste se dozvěděli Robin8 Profile Utility Token (PUT*)
Mince Zkontrolujte více než 1900 kryptocurrencí včetně nejúspěšnějších mincí jako Bitcoin a Ethereum
Tržní Kapitál Informace o krytí měnové tržní kapitalizace a hodnocení
Nejlepší Vítězové Největší kryptografické mince za posledních 24 hodin
Nejlepší Ztrátové Největší krypto mince za posledních 24 hodin
Síň Slávy Podívejte se na nejlepší mince v závislosti na podílů na kryptocurrencích
Objemu Největší změna objemu kryptovaných mincí za posledních 24 hodin