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Movies in order? So I've just finished the first 3 movies, but I'm not entirely sure about the timeline. Vakama turns into a Turaga at the end of the 2nd movie, how is he a Toa at the beginning of the third one? ...
Confused What’s toa? I’m not caught up I’ve read the pj series obviously and the hoo and like 1 magnus Chase book like whatever the first one was and that’s it submitted by /u/tittylover9-11 to r/camphalfblood [link] ...
[H] Paypal [W] Steam, Amazon Code(s), Nintendo Eshop and Gamestop/EBGames [H] Paypal [W] Steam, Amazon Code(s) and Gamestop/EBGames Rep 461 Completed Trades ~46,000$+ traded 7th Rep Page Warning: I have 3+ impersonators. Click my PM's name (linkandluke) to make sure I am a mod of r/Indiegameswap Rules I only buy ...
Solar irradiance map Let's put a bunch of solar panels in the Sahara to provide electricity for north and central Africa! Reality is different so it's probably not profitable but why? ​ Wikipedia image caption: The shield effect of Earth's atmosphere on ...
Player gone for next 4 sessions need help writing them out. TOA I have a player leaving after tonight's session for the next 4 sessions in my weekly toa game. She is a level 12 cleric and the players are on their way to omu for the first time after spending the ...
5th Edition D&D A place to discuss the latest version of Dungeons and Dragons, the fifth edition, known during the playtest as D&D Next. Official Discord: [link]
Daily Advice Thread 21/05/2019 Post questions regarding team composition, content progression, game mechanics, and the like in this thread. If you are able to help your fellow summoners, please take some time to contribute to the community and answer questions yourself as well! A ...
[H] Toa Iruini, 98% Complete, W/ Canister and Instructions [W] Mahri Hahli, Mahri Hewkii, Phantoka... Iruini is missing his gold Rhotuka spinner. The armor part on his right shoulder has a broken axle. However, I put a black connector in it and it looks perfectly fine. You couldn’t tell that the axle broke unless you ...
Warlocks in TOA I’m about to start this campaign, and one of my PCs wants to be a fiendish warlock. Is there a cool way I can work this in to the story? Maybe rad or Acererak or the atropal as his patron? ...
City Strength Continued. So annoyed. GD City Strength again. ​ After putting it down, I pick up Civ and play Maori. I quickly crush Australia because they declare war on me, fine. Then have a period of peace and expansion. Then the Zulu ...
Tips/advice on how to make ToA just as deadly for higher level characters So it's my first time running ToA. Party of between 6-8 (depending on the day) level 12 characters. Following SKT, the group expressed interest in continuing on as the same characters to ToA. I know that ToA is supposed to ...
Two big franchises went downhill lately Galactic Civ and Civ have both been horrible disappointments with their latest installments and I'm bitter about it. ​ ​ I remember a long time ago I had a friend who was a strategy game junkie. I was young. I ...
Summoners War: Sky Arena Subreddit for mobile game Summoners War: Sky Arena. Discuss the latest gameplay, news and events with fellow summoners around the globe. [link]
THEORY: Frank will die In The Tyrants Tomb. (4th book in ToA.) Spoilers for ToA, HoO and MCGA. So in SoN if I remember correctly, Thanatos tells Frank that he will die watching his stick burn. In Ship of the Dead, when Magnus calls Annabeth, she and Percy are said to be ...
É sério isso galera? Eu acho engraçado ver tudo que tá acontecendo no cenário político atual. Precisou 999 economistas renomados se juntarem pra poderem vislumbrar que a reforma da previdência não vai servir muito mais do que acalmar os ânimos de quem não entende ...
What are your dupe nat5 you won`t convert? Hi guys, short question, maybe this helps someone :) What are the dupe nat5 you own and won't convert into ancient crystals for the blessing/runes/grinds because they can be used? For me I have 3 dupes in mind that I ...
Bionicle: the legend lives on For fans of the Bionicle series produced by Lego. [link]
Optimal formation for Pros and CONs ToA? I'm currently stuck on wave 150-ish and have access to some event heroes. ​ Current formation is: ​ Makos Arkhan Minsc Jamilah Celeste Nayeli Tyril Bruenor Calliope Jarlaxle submitted by /u/GiantWynn to r/idlechampions [link] [comments]
Neverwinter Part 134: Grotto of Madness We head into the Grotto of Madness to recover legendary artifacts and view the various pictographs of the Kuo-Toa. Bulba-Slopp should be pleased! submitted by /u/GameolioDan to r/LetsPlayVideos [link] [comments]

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