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Newest list with some Series 2, mostly series 1 and journey. I need to finish my journey black series first. I will be open to cross trade from any set. Some sets are valued higher that journey or TFA. (chrome/masterworks) I am looking for galaxy inserts, galactic files and jedi legacy ...
Looking to trade still. Need Legacy and galactic files, rebels foils, Illustrated esb and ANH will trade everything listed in what I have: An (*) is a need. (TTTT) Means pending trade. Anything listed is a for trade. I do not list cards Im keeping in the list. Also: still have: Major Ematt Auto ...
XMRG scam this is absolutely insane, look at the article posted by CE regarding the matter: submitted by /u/KingGamer272 to r/cryptocurrencyscams [link] [comments]
Episode 5 Dragon theories - Will Bran warg and resurrect Rhaegal? Bran had a vision of a dragon flying over kings landing but it actually appeared to be from the Dragons' perspective flying over the buildings looking at it's own shadow. Could this be a vision of the future where Bran ...
[uncensored-r/CryptoCurrency] Just reorganized my portfolio, wondering what you guys think. The following post by apswak is being replicated because the post has been silently removed and some comments within it have been openly removed. The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: CryptoCurrency/comments/7xptdt The original post's ...
Taking an interest in the foil #d cards from TFA series 1. I am looking for some of the foil #d gold cards from hobby boxes or even some of the inserts. Have: submitted by /u/mec7z to r/StarwarstraderRL [link] [comments]
Looking to trade TFA and JttFA, have parallels; Want Hi-Tek and black parallels I am trying to do several things things: Finish my black parallel set Journey to the Force Awakens Finish regular silver set for Force Awakens Series 1 Get Hi-tek base cards and base autos This is my spreadsheet: I ...
Most up to date list, thanks to a few good trades. Still chasing black parallels. Have this list now: Other haves: Capture of (Gold #d)(TFA series 1) Clone Wars RoB:#5 motion card Series 7 etched: 1 Series 5 Foil art: 2,4,11 ANH illustrated: Mission Luke Galactic Files: Bad Feeling: 8 (x2) Heroes: 1,4 Classic ...
Need a few Series 1 and 2, have series 2 parallels I have a lot of purples, blues and greens. Need a handful of cards still, mainly from Journey. I need to finish the black parallel set still. submitted by /u/mec7z to r/StarwarstraderRL [link] [comments]
Yugawara, Onsen, and Police Batsu in HQ and Hard Subbed! Hi all! I'm back, as I promised! And here's your much demanded HQ hard subbed Yugawara! And Onsen and Police too! Shout out to /u/methecooldude for the HQ raws pulled from Bluray release! Where is High School Batsu? Update: It's ...
Looking for Chrome. I have TFA, TFA 2 and Evo for trade. Here is my trade list of haves. An * is a need. Any number is a duplicate. A space means I do not have 1 for trade. I also have Hitek autos for trade for Evolution autos submitted ...
Best practices to report real actors & evidence behind scams/fraud like Monero Gold, BitConnect? I'm definitely no /u/briankrebs, but hypothetically let's say I've found out the real world identities of those behind the Monero Gold scam. Is there a recommended/best practices out there for reporting actors who reside in the US (or other countries ...
z67uMIMaKohYYPyDmHDbMdvbu 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 submitted by /u/stroke_bot to r/nullthworldproblems [link] [comments]
Gorillaz Survivor: Phase 3 Odds & Ends Round One Well guys, time for the concurrent Phase 2 & 3 Odds & Ends survivors, I'm doing Phase 3 and u/russelisntappreciate is doing Phase 2 Y'all ready for this? LINK: Rules: Vote off your LEAST favorite track from the choices ...
Monero Gold is a scam; do not buy Monero Gold. Monero Gold attempts to market off the Monero project despite having no relation to the Monero project and Monero Gold being an ERC20 token (doesn't share code with Monero). If you're looking for the actual Monero project visit the Monero ...
A Word Of Warning: DON’T BUY XMRG (Monero Gold) IT’S SCAM Did some researches after trades got halted on the only exchange that was listing them, I found out on many forums that there was a lot of concerns about the team, their link to the Monero team (or lack there ...
Is Ether Delta complied with the Monero Gold scam? I saw that they listed XMRG in Ether Delta and bought, to damre account after the grabh scam. As it is possible that you allow this type of scams in a platform that assumes serious like Ether Delta. Are you ...
Crypto currencies that got listed in CoinMarketCap in last 2 days. Some of them that... Crypto currencies that got listed in CoinMarketCap in last 2 days - Huobi Token (HT*): rank: 1154, price: 1.4326, market cap: None STK (STK*): rank: 1159, price: 0.277283, market cap: None Polymath Network (POLY*): rank: 1185, price: 1.23501, market cap: ...
Have a new list, Journey and TFA Series 1. Have a lot, want a lot Here is my newest spreadsheet TFA1 is a larger spread, some of the sub set can only be seen if you scroll to the right. Also, an (*) means its a need. I am still trying to finish my black ...
tk6ohaiCrg0udGF1ZW2PdMVr0 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 submitted by /u/stroke_bot to r/nullthworldproblems [link] [comments]

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